Hire a copywriter: Five reasons to call in the prose

Content is kingontent is king. Society thrives on it, businesses depend on it. So why would you waste time writing your own marketing blurb when you could call in the prose of a professional copywriter? Here are five reasons why it could benefit your business.

1. Hiring a copywriter will save you time

Let’s get one thing straight. Everyone can write. What varies in all of us though is fluency, confidence, pace and accuracy to name but a few important criteria. Crucially, it’s time constraints that do for most of us. With that in mind, you might be a phenomenal writer but unless you have the time to dedicate to getting your written content ‘just so’ it’ll never be quite as you’d like it.

What Simon Grant Comms can bring to the table is different to your everyday writing tasks, like filing a report or emailing the boss. Dealing in words, all day every day, brings with it a raft of benefits to you – the customer. Your tame copywriter will be sharp; they can craft a high quality, engaging piece of sales copy or blog post in a fraction of the time it might take you.

2. Hiring a copywriter can be surprisingly affordable

One myth surrounding quality copywriting is that you’ll pay through the nose for the privilege. That’s possibly aggravated by the fact that most copywriters, myself included, are loathe to offer ‘one size fits all’ costings because no two projects are exactly the same.

Plus those fundamental ingredients – research, proofing, editing or interviewing – all take time. Quality is worth paying for but it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Or any other bodily appendages for that matter.

You’ll find with Simon Grant Comms that after your free initial consultation you’ll receive an honest and affordable quote for your project. That will be based on the estimated number of hours or days your job is likely to take and factors in those fiddly ‘behind the scenes’ bits of wizardry that can add valuable time and effort.

3. Hiring a copywriter can help your Google ranking

In 2013, Google launched it’s new Hummingbird search algorithm. ‘Hey, you at the back there! Wake up!’ Seriously, it’s changed the way your content is recognised by their PageRank system. Google now increasingly rewards fresh, original content – like an engaging blog – because it acts like social proof for their search spiders.

If your website content sits there stagnating, don’t be surprised to see your business drop off the first page (at least) of Google’s rankings. They’ve caught on to ‘black hat’ tactics, like the mass proliferation of keywords too, so remember; fresh is best.

Engaging content like a blog gives you the chance to impart some of your business’ personality to potential customers. It let’s them see past the corporate image and form a more rounded view. And – much like dating – those initial interchanges help build trust and eventually a long-term relationship.

Check out this blog I wrote on the subject for Process Industry Forum to gain a better perspective on Google Hummingbird.

4. Hiring a copywriter brings fresh perspective

You’re great at what you do. You do it day in, day out and you get results. That’s why you’re in business. But sometimes you’re so embroiled in your product or services that it makes it very tricky to explain to others clearly and concisely exactly what it is you do.

That’s where Simon Grant Comms comes in. Imagine having a fresh pair of eyes looking over your businesses’ finer selling points. It’s like having a potential customer eyeing up your wares, except this one will keep hold of your product and recommend it to others.

A good copywriter will cut through the jargon and acronyms and make your product accessible, enticing and invaluable. You’d be amazed at how effective a fresh perspective can be. After all, you’re looking to appeal to a broad customer base; you’re language therefore needs to be enticing to the populous.

5. Hiring a copywriter can bring added benefits

At least it does if you come to Simon Grant Comms. Most copywriters don’t start off writing content. In my case, I bring more than six years of premium grade PR and marketing experience with me.

So whilst I can turn out exceptional content for starters, you might want to bend my ear about social media, press campaigns, or an adventure holiday to really knock your socks off (travel is another passion!). In short, you’re gaining a wealth of extended knowledge and skills that go far beyond just polishing your content.

For more information, or to arrange a consultation, please get in contact today.