Great Expectations

Ferris Wheel

Avoid project outcomes becoming blurred.

So, you’ve bitten the bullet; you’ve hired a copywriter to overhaul your marketing content. But before you wave them on their merry way, and leave them to their highly professional devices, there’s a few bits of info you’ll want to convey. Follow these pointers to get the best out of your tame copywriter.

#1 Objectives

What are you hoping to gain from your project? Are you seeking to drive more traffic to your website? Do you want to position your business as an industry expert in your field? Or are you hoping to engage with potential customers in a less formalised context, to show the human side of your business? Perhaps you’re aiming to achieve all of those things. That’s fine, sure you can have your cake and eat it. If you can convey your objectives as clearly as possible to your copywriter they’ll be delivering against those targets in no time and you can rest easy knowing that you’re singing from the same hymn sheet.

#2 Realistic deadlines

Copywriters are adept at meeting deadlines. It’s what we do. In fact, it’s essential when juggling several different clients and their projects at any given time. We understand that you’ve got deadlines too. So, whether you need a quick turnaround within 24 hours or you’re going to print with that important document in two months time; be clear with your timelines. Ultimately, if you and your copywriter know exactly what timeframe to work towards (ideally with a bit of a cushion for any last minute changes) the project will undoubtedly come in on time, with zero stress.

#3 Know your audience 

It’s good practice to know your target audience regardless but for a copywriter it makes all the difference. That’s the sort of nugget of information that can dramatically alter the approach and tone applied to your project. Hipster references and light-hearted quips aren’t necessarily appropriate for a professional services firm’s communications. Unless of course that’s part of the brief. If you know who your core nucleus of patrons might be, it’s a good idea to give your copywriter the nod and they’ll tailor your prose sharper than a Savile Row three-piece suit.

#4 Give feedback

Your constructive feedback is the barometer by which your copywriter will hone your content. Hopefully by this stage they’ll have met your objectives as closely as possible, on time, with your audience effectively engaged. It’s your project though. And if there’s a sudden brainwave you’d like to include, or a tweak here and there to make, then pass that on to your copywriter. Being precious doesn’t come in to it. We want it to be right for you. That’s what you’re paying for and that’s what we take pride in.

So there you have it. Four easy steps to shape the way you engage your copywriter. Follow these tips and you’ll be helping you, and your writer, to execute winning results each and every time.